Jan 122013

It’s past Christmas, so I won’t use the list of 12 that becomes popular late in the calendar year.  My previous post references several good lists covering prospective customer interviews.  Of course, I have to weigh in with mine.

Here’s what I tell my clients and what I do when I’m the Chief Market Validation and Revenue Officer.  I number them because I feel the order is important from an effectiveness and efficiency standpoint.  My list is definitely more B2B-centric, but little would be adjusted for B2C:

1)  Articulate what problem we solve, for whom we solve this problem, and what is the cost to them for NOT solving the problem. 

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Jan 032013

I know, some of you are thinking, “Congratulations, Dave!  You’ve figured out that there’s a difference between selling to consumers and to businesses!”

No, that’s not why I make a point of this distinction.  I make this point because as I review other blogs and writings on the Customer Development process, Lean Startups, etc., it’s becoming clear to me that some advice is directed toward user interface testing and B2C demand while others is key for B2B.  Of course, some advice works for both.  Here’s my overview and comments on a few lists I’ve found.

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